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Book Club Questions for Isla Rising

Did Isla seem believable to you? Did she remind you of anyone?
What did think about the character of Belle?

Did you feel rushed along by the pace of Isla Rising?
Or did you find it a bit slow-moving?

If you were to write fanfic about this book, what kind of story
would you want to tell?

Did Isla Rising seem realistic for the time period of the 1830’s

Do you think that Duncan or Charlotte would have made an interesting protagonist? Why?

Were the ghosts reasonably portrayed? Did you believe in them?

Did the characters’ motives seem reasonable? If not, why not?

Sometimes books start off strong, but have endings that fall a little flat. Then there are books that are a little hard to get into at first, but are enjoyable after a while. Which category does Isla Rising fit into?

When Belle first appeared, how did you feel when you realised she was a cat? Did she feel believable to you?

How well do you think PJ Johnson created the world in the book?

How did the City of Edinburgh itself work to progress the story?

Did you spot any metaphor in the narrative? If so, what did you think of the message PJ was trying to convey? 

Download pdf here

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